YOUR CONSULTANT IS Cassandra Bytz-Garlock & Zac Garlock

My Story

I’m a college graduate who is currently working in Security. I have a Master's degree in Justice Administratiom and Public Service.  

Scentsy is my passion. I was introduced to Scentsy 2 weeks before I decided to be a consultant. It was love at first sight. I figured, “Hey! Why don’t I just make this my job, to make people as happy as Scentsy has made me!”

And so it began.

I hit my 500$ in sales mark in 1.5 days! I didn’t even have my Starter kit yet! I hit the ground running and sold 1100$ in my first 2 weeks, becoming a certified consultant in just 2 weeks from my sign up date!

I promoted to Director in Sept 2015, with just over a year with Scentsy. In November 2016, I promoted to Star Director. 

These milestones couldn’t have been achieved without friends, family, and total strangers believing in me and trusting me enough to buy these “new to them” products.

Needless to say, many of them have come back for more wax, more warmers, gifts for friends and family and continue to keep coming back.

Please join in on this journey with me and I promise to do anything I can to fulfill all your Scentsy needs!